API Standard Oil Field 7000m 2000hp ZJ70DB Skid-Mounted Drillin rig

Max Hook Load:   4500kN
Drawworks Rated Power:   1470kW
Shift Number:  Ⅱ+ⅡR VFD Stepless Speed Regulation:
Hoisting System:  6×7
Drilling Wire Diameter:  38mm
OD of sheaves:  1524mm(60”)
Rated power and No of Mud Pump: 1176kW(1600hp)    2 stes
Opening Dia. of RT: 952.5mm(37 1/2”)
Effective height of Mast:   45m
Substructure Height:  10.5m
Height under RT beam:    9m
Drive Type:    AC-DC-AC