Truck-mounted Full Hydrualic Mobile 800m Telescoping Type Water Well Drilling Rig Factory Price


 1. National V chassis is adopted as the transportation tool which has a strong cross-country performance. The system of lifting, rotation and circulation are mounted on the truck. The good travelling performance can be suit to the drilling operation of the flatland, desert, marsh and gobi area. The truck can drive on the road with the license plate conformed to the national law, moreover, the vehicle purchase tax is remitted.
2. The power unit with large torque is matched to accomplish the stepless speed-adjustment. The torque is adjusted automatically to be suitable for the different layer operation with a high efficiency and energy-saving.
3. The structure is that the top drive can be lifted and lowered through the wire rope driven by the oil cylinder. The slow drilling is accomplished by the variable displacement pump to increase the working efficiency. During the drilling process, the hydraulic system can be set through the drilling mode according to the drilling speed of the DP and the needed pressure of the downhole. The pump flow and pressure is controlled to carry out a stepless speed adjustment on the drilling parameter, which is convenient to the user operation.
4. The telescopic mast is matched with. Max. stroke of the full hydraulic power unit is 11000mm, meeting the requirements of API DP and casing pipe, with a small transportation size.
5. Adapting to the variable technology drilling, the drilling rig is matched with air compressor, mud pump, foam pump and lubricator according to the needs. The users can accomplish the mud drilling and air drilling operation. 
6.The drilling rig is operated in the condition of -35°~+55° environment.
7. The drilling rig is designed according to API specification, and then the key parts adopt the international top band.

Truck-mounted full hydraulic water well drilling rig (telescoping mast) SYC36-S
Drilling capacity Max Drilling Depth m 800
Max drilling diameter mm 650
Diameter of drilling pipe mm 89 / 102 / 114
Length of drilling pipe mm 6000(Optional 9500)
Chassis Drive mode / 6×6 / 8×4
Rated power Hp ≤350HP
Feeding system Lifting force kN 750
Max. pressuring force kN 120
Speed of lifting and lowering m/min 0~36
Power unit Torque Nm 0~13000
Rotary speed r/min 0~160
Inner diameter mm 76
Stroke mm 9000(Optional 11000)
Mud pump Max pressure Mpa 5
(Optional) Max displacement L/min 763
Air compressor Max pressure Mpa 2.4
(Optional) Max displacement m³/min 24
Lubricator  Max pressure/ Capacity Mpa/L 2.4 / 25
Tool winch Lifting force kN 30
Transport dimension Length * Width *Height mm 10000*2550*4000
Overall weight T 32