Truck-mounted Mechanical Mobile 2000m Water Well OIl Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig FactoryPrice


 1. The whole unit structure is on the basic of petroleum drilling rig, and then the parts adopt the mature structure of the drilling rig; the power system adopts hydraulic and mechanism drive type with a high efficiency; the chassis adopts the special II class chassis or self-propelled type to meet the needs of the users.
2. An impact structure, high unitized degree and strong capacity of the movement, which can be transported for one truck, are easy for the installation and disassembly.
3. The mast adopts front-open single section or double section vertical structure without the guy-line, hydraulic lifted and lowered.
4. The drilling rig is operated in the condition of -35°~+55° environment.
5. The design and manufacture conforms to API SpecQ1, 4F, 7K, 8C and16C, performing the standard of GB/T 30216-2013 and GB1589-2016. The design idea of people orientated is adopted, intensifying the methods of safety protection and inspection to meet the needs of HSE regulation.

Truck-mounted mechanical water well drilling rig SJC90
Drilling capacity Max drilling depth m 2000
Max drilling diameter mm φ768
Diameter of drilling pipe mm 89 / 102 / 114
Length of drilling pipe mm 9500
Chassis Drive mode / 10*6 
 Engine brand / Cummins
Engine power kW 392
 Rated load kg 7500*2/13000*3
Mast Mast structure / Double section vertical mast
 Mast effective height mm 24000
Lifting system Lifting force kN 900
wire rope diameter mm   ∅26
brake type / Band brake  + auxiliary water brake
 Lifting force of the auxiliary drawworks kN /
swivel  rated load kN /
Rotary table Rated torque N.m 22500
 through hole diameter mm 520.7(20 1/2″)
mud pump  Max pressure Mpa /
Max displacement L/min /
screw-off tong screw-off torque KN.m 100
Tool winch Lifting force kN 50
Overall weight T 42