API Standard Oil Field 5000m 1500hp ZJ50DB Drilling and Workover rig


Norminal drilling depth:Φ127mm DP,4000m;  

Max. hook load:3150KN;   

Drawworks power:1100KW(1500hp)
Drawworks gears:Ⅰ+ⅠR AC motor drives, stepless speeding regulating;  Hoisting system:6×7 lines; Dia of drilling line: Φ35mm; 
Dia of central pipe of swivel:Φ75mm; Rotary table:ZP375, Φ952.5mm(37 1/2″),2+2R gears, AC motor independent drive, stepless speed regulating;
Mast:suit assembly  type, 35m high; Substructure: 7.5m high; The clearance height below the rotary table beam:6.2m; Mud manifold:Φ103mm×35MPa
Drive mode:AC-DC-AC
Working enviroment:Humidity≤90%, 25℃, ambient temperature:-20℃~55℃