API Standard Oil Field Truck Mounted Mobile 350hp XJ60 Drilling and Workover rig

Max. hook load:  900KN
Nominal drilling depth:   3300ft(4-1/2″”DP)
Nominal service depth:   4000m(13123ft), 2-7/8″”EUE tubing”
Nominal workover depth:  3200m(10498ft), 2-7/8″ DP
Rated engine power:   350HP/2100rpm
Drive type:  hydraulic and mechanism
Mast height:  32M(105ft)
Travelling system: 3×4
Quantity of wireline:  6
Diametter of wireline:   φ26mm(1″)
Carrier drive type:  XD50/10X8
Overall dimension of movement: 17*2.85*4.1m
Highest speed:  45Km/h
Total weight :  44T