API Standard Oil Field Truck Mounted Mobile 550hp ZJ10 Drilling and Workover rig


The main unit is self-propelled structure, including:
self-propelled carrier, power system, double engines, transmission system consists of two hydraulic torque converters. compound box, drop box, double drum drawworks, clutches, rotary table, auxiliary brake, chain driving device, mast and crown block assembly, telescoping cylinders, raising cylinders, hydraulic winches, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, operation system, crown saver device, electrical system, substructure and boat base etc. 

Max nominal drilling depth:  1500m(4 1/2″DP)
Max hook static load:  1350kN
Traveling system:   5×4
Main wire line dia:  φ26mm 
Substructure height:   4.5m 
Moving way:  Self-propelled
Driving type:  10×8 
Max clamping gradient:   26%