API Standard Oil Field Truck Mounted Mobile 1000hp ZJ40 Drilling and Workover Rig

 Nominal drilling depth   (114mm DP)3500m~5000m
(127mm DP)2000m~3200m
 Max. hook load  3150kN
  Max. drill string  weight    150t
 Rated power of drawworks 1500hp
 Drawworks shift 4+4R Stepless speed regulation
 Brake style   Hydraulic disc brake
 Auxiliary brake ABC electromagnetic eddy current brake
 Wire line Dia. 35mm(1-3/8″)
 Useful height of mast  K-type,45m
 Traveling system rope Qty  6×7
 Height of rig floor                           9m
 Transmission type                       AC-VFD
MCC Mcc power supply system       600V(3 Phase)/400V(3Phase)
 Rotary table open dia 952.5mm(37-1/2″)
 Drive type YJ AC Motor
Gear of rotary table  2 seamlessly Speed regulation
 Mud high pressure manifold              5 1/2″×35MPa
 Volume of air tank                    4.75m3(1.75+3m3)
 Volume of fuel tank                          50m3×2
 Number of main diesel power
(sets×power )   
   Number of auxiliary diesel power
(sets×power )